Thursday, January 28, 2010

6 months of update!

It seems that my attempts to stay as musically secluded from my wife have started to crumble to the bottom of a deep ravine full of sharp and pointy-backed sharks. About 6, maybe more, months ago I wrote down the top 25 most listened to songs on my Ipod. That list has changed and might I say drastically. Melissa and I now listen to almost the same things. What used to pass through my ears has now changed. The sounds that once found their way into my canals has disappeared and what has replaced them are the sounds that I'm trying to get used to enjoying. The things a person does when they're in love!

So, here are the top 10 songs to which The Sorensen's find themselves enjoying!

Number 10: Break- Three Days Grace- Now, I know what you're thinking, "I thought your music choices had changed". Well, they have and you'll see. As this song goes, I'm taking myself to higher places.

Number 09: Not meant to be- Theory of a Dead man- This one is always played whenever Melissa or I are joking around with each other. We also tend to play it whenever we fight. No, we don't fight a lot. I have over 900 songs on my Ipod just because it's number 9 doesn't mean anything *shakes fist*

Number 08: Don't stop believin'-The Glee cast- It seems that the Glee bug has caught both Melissa and me into it's tiny little clutches. With songs like this who wouldn't want to stare at a TV screen for an hour while a bunch of snotty High School kids do nothing more but illustrate their drama through song.

Number 07: Last to know Three Days Grace- I got onto a Three Days Grace bandwagon when my brother bought two of their CD's off of Itunes. This song in particular is a great one to enshroud me with a giant mood swing!

Number 06: Heaven(little by little)-Theory of a dead man- If you listen to this song you'll never think of this group the same ever. This song is compelling and cuts deep into the soul! It'll melt the frigid icicles off of any cold-hearted person any day.

Number 05: Battlefield- Jordan Sparks-I came home one night after buying this song from Itunes and told Melissa that this was her song to play for me whenever she was moody. She has yet to do it but will turn it up really loud in the car when we go driving. This song is also a reminder of good times at the BW.

Number 04: A drop in the Ocean-Ron Pope- If you're looking for a song to wrap you up tightly into a blanket full of happy goodness, this is the song for you. Ron Pope has a brilliant voice that can melt butter. Yes, I'm a guy and I'm saying that. He's an incredible singer and I would encourage you, if you enjoy the softer side of music, to check his music out!

Number 03: Hang-Matchbox Twenty- This is a great song if you're in a moody mood. That is all!

Number 02: One boy, One girl- Collin Raye- This is probably the biggest change to my music arsenal. You would never catch me listening to any country song before I got married. This song is one of my favorite country songs and one of the most played songs on my Ipod. I'm not proud but I can't change what I've done. I suppose that's what repentance is for, right?


Number 01: Finding Beauty in Negative spaces(The album) Seether- I had to find the top ten songs other than the ones on this album. The reason I made the whole album number one was because each song took up the top 10 spaces. The whole album, minus a few select songs is the modern version of perfection. It touches every mood fiber that you could possibly find yourself in. It's perfect for a newly married individual sharing his life with another!

See you in 6 months!


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Veronica said...

Music!! Gotta love how it makes us feel. I noticed Glee!!! I am such a Gleek! I love the series and I have it on DVD and also both CD's of the music from the show. Hope you are doing well. Fun to read about Melissa. She sounds GREAT!!!