Friday, January 28, 2011


Life, it's such an overpowering word. If you think about it, life is the most daunting and awe-inspiring word in the world. You give life, you live life, you are alife(kudos for made up words). Life reaches through you and lifts you up. Life causes you to step into the darkness. There are so many things that a person will do in their life(see there's life again). Simply waking up in the morning is life's gift to you for another day. Life is amazing. But, I'm not here to say that life isn't hard. I can sit here and tell you of all of the crappy things that have been laid at my door. I can spout off for hours stories of sadness, remorse, and hatred. I choose however, to give life the positive side. It is due to life that I have the experience to say no. I can make right choices because I've had to make decisions in life. Life has been my greatest teacher.

So why am I writing this? Why did I choose to sit here and give life such a dedication? It stemmed from my friend Becky asking if there was anyone who could share recipes with her. I'm not sure how that stemmed an honorance(made up words are fun) to life, but it did and I'm grateful. There is such a big world out there. It's full of things that need to be seen, eaten, and touched. It's full of a life that needs to be explored. I want to go to New Mexico and climb to the top of tome hill (thank you Logan) and show my respects. I want to travel to D.C and sit with protestors, even if I don't know what cause they are fighting for. I want to read every book on my shelf, do more stupid things, and meet new people. I want to build homes for the homeless, hearts for the heartless, and spirits for the...well not spiritless, down-trodden maybe?! Life is amazing. I can't imagine life without receiving bumps and bruises. The scars that I have on my body are the stories of a life that I've lived. I want more stories. I want more life.


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Cindy Caudle said...

Kudos Jeremy. I really like you definition of life. Love ya