Friday, January 13, 2012

Today we talk in threes

Three things are certain:

1- I deleted my facebook...again.  I know, the quarterly deleting of the facebook has happened again.  This time I hope to actually keep it gone.  I've been having a lot of issues with it.  Plus, the only person I actually talk to on it I can talk to through my blog.

2- I miss my british friend who enjoys the company of mustard and walls.  I think it's about time that she visits from across the pond.  We were going through P's baby books the other day and came across Paddington and M and and I both had to wonder when it was that she was going to come.  I hope it's soon.

3-  I'm going to make an effort to turn this blog into a family affair.  It's meant to be and it should be.  It's not J's blog, it's JMP's blog and it should be about JMP's life and adventures.  Plus, we want that our families come and enjoy what we have to say on here and how can we when I don't write about all of us.  This however leads me to....
     3.1-I'm probably going to start a personal blog just for myself.  It's going to be personal and for members only.  I'll probably only have two friends who want to be invited to read it, but when I start it I'll let you all know.



Jackie Rogers said...

I miss our british friend also! I would also like an invitation to your blog when you start them.

Christine (a.k.a The British Friend who likes mustard and walls) said...

Aww, I feel extra special! Although I am sad you deleted your facebook - I like my little Jeremy messages! I love being mentioned in your blog - I don't know if I was in your count by I read your blog all the time and I definitely want to be invited to your new one! It's funny you should mention visiting cause I have been thinking about it a lot recently and trying to figure out a good time both for myself and you guys and I was talking to Jackie about it the other day too! I'm hoping, finger crossing, and thinking it will be soon! I'm thinking maybe spring break? maybe earlier/bit later as I will be job hunting again soon so it's all kinda going to play off that - but yes hopefully soon! I miss all you guys so much!