Thursday, February 4, 2016

This post makes no sense

I don't really have a picture to go with this post so... here's one of some cows that I found doing a google search for the phrase "food animals".

I'm sitting here with my laptop in my lap (what a coincidence), listening to Lifehouse.  There used to be a time where I'd only listen to this band when I was feeling a little down in the dumps.  I think they are now my go to when I'm feeling pensive.  Tonight, I am definitely feeling pensive.  I've had a lot on my mind for a while now.  It's all sort of jumbled up inside my head, all of it trying to attract my attention at the same time.  My post tonight isn't to try and get all of these thoughts to untangle their web from around my mind, nor was I even planning on writing at all.  I just happened to be extremely sick of studying history that I needed an outlet to unwind.  I don't freaking care about the Constitutional Convention of 1787.  Also, if I have to read how James Madison is the father of the constitution one more time I might just snap. 

I've fallen into a slump of gooey(hey an old nickname) slimy, mushy, monotony.  In fact, another reason I'm writing tonight is to break this monochromatic existence I've created, which I'm pretty sure is a rough hue of blue.  I'm not sure why it's blue, I just like the color.  If you don't know what monochromatic means, look it up.  Then you'll understand the blue comment.  I seem to be doing the same thing almost everyday.  I wake up at the arse crack of dawn and go to work.  I come home, give everyone hugs, tell Melissa that our apartment stinks (which she then tells me it's the babies diapers), ask for underwear and a shirt, head to the shower, and then depending on whether or not Melissa works, I study and tell my youngest to stop taking off his pants and playing in the trash, or simply study and not do much of anything else for the rest of the night.  I am in bed by 9 at the latest.  Wow, just spelling it out on this blog makes it sound depressing.  I need a way to break free from this repetitious routine. 

Melissa and I were talking today about the fact that we seem to be doing the same things everyday and have decided to make a change.  I thought, maybe we should do one thing different everyday, something that punches a hole into our humdrum existence.  Should we run naked and free across our apartment complex?  Should we drive to Colorado and try marijuana?  Should we have a B.Y.O.M party?  You know, bring your own mouse.  We could dress them up in little suits and put on plays.  Maybe, we could invite people over to our house and reenact the creating of the Constitution.  We could have people debate whether they are for or against it.  We could call it federalists vs. antis.  We could write up newspaper articles, have rallies, and even dress up like hoity-toity early Americans.  I would say that I could cook/bake something that I haven't ever made, but that is what I've already been doing.  I'm making king cakes tomorrow if anyone wants a slice.  If you don't know, Fat Tuesday is next week.  I could also eat my weight in pizza and have the lava poops for the next three and a half million years, just an idea.

Do any of those ideas sound remotely interesting?  What do you do to break up your monotonous routines?  Snorkel in your bathtub? Eat mayonnaise in a public place? Sit outside of a gym eating a bucket of ice cream and watch all of the people trying to lose the weight you are about to put on?  Walk around Walmart throwing condom boxes into other peoples carts while crop dusting as you walk down every aisle?

I need some ideas.  Leave me a comment if you dare share some of your activities.


P to the S: I finished the whole be happy and write happy things.  I just didn't post it here.  

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