Monday, April 3, 2017

Springing into pictures

I used to think that autumn was my favorite time of the year. The leaves would be falling off of the trees, crunching below my feet with each step. The hot summer would be coming to an end, leaving behind a nice warm day days and brisk evenings. The pumpkins would be coming into season, which always meant that my favorite foods would be sprouting up in stores. I loved autumn, and still do, I just don't think it's my favorite anymore.

I've noticed over the past few years that Spring has started to over shadow my love for Autumn. It's burrowed it's head into my heart. I love the fresh smell of earth coming to life again after a deep sleep. I enjoy watching the trees bloom with bright and vibrant colors, each one more passionate than the next, trying to win over our affections. I never thought I'd like preparing a garden, but for some reason, it's one of my favorite things to do. I'm happy when I can open all of the windows in the house and not feel like I was standing in my fridge. Spring equals life for me and I love my life.

Today's photos pay homage to the season that has won my affections. It's a tribute to all of the hard work it takes to wake up the Earth, and the brilliant display of colors that it presents to us.

 I planted some cilantro and after two days it looked like this
 I love early spring flowers.
 I loved how the blues complemented the red.
 This flower had bloomed all by it's lonesome. I thought it deserved to be noticed.
 The inside of this flower looked so beautiful I stuck my camera as close as I could to get this shot.
 I wanted to capture a field of flowers growing in early Spring.
We were taking a rest after a day of picture taking. I looked up and saw the flag through the trees.


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