Friday, February 19, 2010


Melissa and I found this book at Barnes and Noble a couple of months ago titled "1001 foods you must taste before you die". It goes through the different food groups and describes different foods in each of these groups that you have to try. It has everything ranging from a cheese that has been aged in ash to cow liver. Today, we started our journey to try 1001 foods that this book told us that we had to eat. Some of them we have already tried but we are going to try them again for the sake of the book. As we were walking through the grocery store we were picking out certain foods that we knew were in the book. Today for lunch though, we simply tried a pink grapefruit. Melissa isn't fond of grapefruit and it's not my favorite either. It wasn't bad and only had a bit of a sour taste to it. It was sweeter than a regular grapefruit and seemed to be a lot juicier. The only thing I found to be wrong with it was the bitter taste it left in my mouth after I swallowed every bite. It was almost as if the grapefruit turned into cocoa powder the longer I had it in my mouth. I'd try it again but I've decided that grapefruits, even the pink kind, are still not my favorite.

Baby update

Well, in just the few weeks that we have known that we are going to be having a baby a lot has changed. It seems that the priorities of one's life do a complete 180 when they find out that they have a baby on the way. The plans that we had been making and had started putting into motion have been halted and we have been starting to make plans to add another addition to our family. It's been a lot of fun and to tell you the truth it's been a lot less stressful than it was planning my wedding. I know, give it a few months and that last statement I made will change completely but as of right now, everything is going as smooth as butter. Melissa is growing everyday and getting hungrier and hungrier. It's funny to watch her take more portions than I do now where it used to be the opposite!


McKenna said...

You have to tell us how each of the 1001 foods are. And while you're at it you should watch Julie & Julia.

Logan Davis said...

That book seems exciting! And it's pretty laid back until the last few weeks of pregnancy. You still have a long way but you should start buying diapers now... TRUST ME!