Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Couvade what???

couvade syndrome
Function: noun
: a phenomenon in which a male experiences symptoms of pregnancy (as nausea or weight gain) during the time his partner or another woman he is particularly close to is pregnant.

If you haven't heard the news yet then allow me to tell you. Melissa's body has decided that it's time for her to have a baby. I knew something was up when she started eating more than usual and started having certain cravings. The other day she came home from school and insisted that we have mashed potatoes with shredded cheddar cheese and ranch dressing mixed in with it. I'm glad that her cravings change depending on what I say so I quickly told her about the frozen French fries we had in the freezer and chicken nuggets that wouldn't take too long to bake. She didn't seem to want the mashed potato mess anymore and I was happy. Her mood hasn't altered that much and although she is nauseated she hasn't thrown up. This is all good for me because if you read the definition at the top of the entry then you'll find I'm in a particular kind of bind.

You see, from the minute she peed on the stick and it came out positive I felt this surge of emotions run through me. I didn't quite know what they were until I read through a baby book we recently acquired from a family member and found out that my body is releasing hormones everywhere. Right after her eggo became preggo I fell low. It was as if I wasn't able to manage my emotions and my body was doing the best thing it could...become irritable and depressed. I then started becoming nauseated (which hasn't gone away, and I found out probably won't), and my stomach hurts. I haven't had cravings nor have I wanted to eat us out of house and home like my wife seems to be doing, but I am starting to have baby related symptoms. As I was walking to work today I became emotional. I quickly realized what I was doing and as hard as I tried to stop it, it got worse. I soon became emotional at the fact that I was too emotional. I'm just hoping that I don't have false contractions when the time comes and have a giant bowling ball come out of me (hypothetically speaking, of course).



loganworden said...

Yay for babies!

The Carpenters said...

You and my husband reall otta get together- he can coach you along cause we are enough ahead of you but not too far! Dont you love being pregnant to Jeremy?!?!?! ha ha

Veronica said...

So exciting about your baby! You are going to be wonderful parents too! Can't wait to see little baby Sorensen. Thanks for being an understanding husband, Jeremy! Good luck with the upcoming months.