Saturday, May 22, 2010

2 days ago...

We don't have the internet at our apartment. When I have the opportunity to update my blog it's only at work. When I come to work and use the internet I spend hours on facebook. I become absorbed with the social site that draws my friends, 3/4 with whom I don't even talk, together. I log-on, see who has updated their statuses, look at a few photo albums, and then click refresh several times during the course of several hours. Two days ago I decided that I can't do this anymore. After about 5 min. of thinking about it I deactivated my account. I'm not sure that this is going to be a permanent change but Ill guarantee that I won't have it for the duration of the summer. I don't want it run my life during the summer. I once had my account deleted but activated it again due to some requests from friends telling me that they don't talk to me any other way. I haven't talk with those people at all on facebook and have decided that if they really want to talk to me they have my e-mail and my phone number. I'll probably activate it again when school starts but I'm not sure quite yet. Right now, I just don't see the benefit of having a facebook account. I can be social without having the internet getting in the way.



Troy, Becky, Alysea and Emily said...

Good job Jeremy! :) Too bad I can't do that. It is my only connection with some of my family. Lol!

Logan Davis said... Feel free to e mail me any time! I have your phone number but I'm not sure if you've changed it or not. Everyone should take a break from Facebook!

Christine said...

But I miss my random Jeremy messages on facebook! and I talk to u on facebook, well I leave u messages, so I think for me alone u should have facebook! I live in England, it's not so easy to call u you know. Anyway I guess i'll just have to communicate this way, I probably have your email somewhere but I don't suppose you want to give it to me again? And I start my Africa trip in like a week so just want to check u haven't moved and have the same address?