Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I know! I know! It's coming a little late but you have to give me some credit. My family decided that they weren't going to celebrate Mother's day this year until today, May 16th, because my father decided last weekend was the time for him to gallivanting about over in Taiwan. He was gone almost a week, which meant today was the day that we were to celebrate El dia de las Madres. Oh, and what a wonderful day it is, as well. Today was the final day I had to wake up in Melissa's Grandparents house and have my nose be offended by the smell of an old and hair ball shedding animal. Today was the day that I was able to go home and enjoy a hot shower in a clean apartment that's clutter-free and OCD friendly. Today is also the day that I get to spend time with my wonderful wife and my wonderful mother. That is, when she gets off of work!

This blog of mine is dedicated to two people. These two people have helped in more ways than Melissa and I will ever be able to recount. It is by, and through, these two individuals that Melissa and I were brought to the point that we are in, today. Today, this post is dedicated to two wonderful mothers who raised us right!

My mother, Michelle Sorensen, never thought she did a perfect job at raising her children. Now that we're older she seems to chastise herself constantly about all of the mistakes that she made while we were growing up. My mom is a wonderful lady. She has been there for me when I wasn't able to be there for myself. She was my confidant and my go to person when I needed someone to talk with and needed someone to give me advice. It is true that my mom and I haven't always seen eye to eye, but we've always made sure that we patched things up. I've always been, and always will be, a momma's boy. I love my mom more than she'll ever realize and owe her more than she'll ever know. She was the one person, at times, who was able to keep me going when I wanted to quit and keep me motivated when I wanted to stop. My mother has an incredible capacity to love. She has the tenderest heart and a tremendous gift to give. She would give everything she owned away if it meant that someone would be as lucky as she is. She is amazing and I will cherish what she has done for me for the rest of my life.

My second mother, Kathleen Day, who is Melissa's mom, is a sensational person. When I look at her and how she raised her daughter I am in complete gratitude. She is one amazing woman, and has to be, to have raised such an amazing daughter. She is my mother-in-law but I don't feel that distant relationship with her. She is a second mother to me. She is so easy to talk with and is so open to listening. She has an incredible gift to give the most perfect advice, which stems from her years of experience. She knows how to make everyone feel like they're at home and that they belong. When you walk into her home she embraces you like you're one of her own and you can't help but to feel loved. She loves so easily and has an amazing power to see the good in everything. She cares so much about her family, which is something that she has instilled upon her daughter. Melissa and I would have had a much harder time dealing with issues these past few months if it hadn't been for the love, care, and support of a mom like her. She is an incredible woman who I'm so glad to call my mom.


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Veronica said...

Jeremy, you know how I feel about your mom. I love her very much. What a dear and loving friend she has been to me for many, many years. She is wonderful. I love your tribute to her.