Sunday, May 9, 2010

Watching Lady...

We're spending the week watching the dog of Melissa's grandparents. We've only been watching her for 2 days now and I'm already ready to leave. I think I'm allergic to dogs. Every time I walk into the house I get really itchy. It's nothing serious but it does irritate me to a sorts. But, for the next week we'll be watching a dog that's older than old.

Introducing Lady

While we are here I discovered the wall of movies. There are hundreds of them. They range from John Wayne to Jafar Returns.

This was a nightmare to a person who was recently told they have OCD.

We're not only watching a dog, we're watching some plants, as well!

We are staying in her grandparents bedroom and there are a million scary dolls that surround us. They freak the crap out of me!

and this was the scariest one...

Tomorrow, I'll explore more of the house! I have a week left and more pictures to take.


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Shan said...

Seriously, those dolls are creepy to the max.