Thursday, July 8, 2010

fishing books

Melissa, my brother, and I went fishing today and had a lot of fun. Sadly, we forgot the camera so the lack of pictures will follow this post. It was the first time Melissa had been fishing since she was 8 and the first time I'd been since 2004. It's needless to say that we were both a little rusty. I spent half of the time re-teaching Melissa how to cast out into the water without the lure grabbing tightly to a tree and working out knots that seemed to find their way into her line. The other half of the time was spent trying to work out my own problems. It seemed that the farther the rooster tail flew the more snags I received in my reel. Other all it was a fun morning and although none of us caught anything I can still say it was a success. Melissa eventually learned to cast out into the water.

I've read a lot of books this summer. When my Melissa and I were married I adopted a lot of books. These books came in all shapes and sizes. They took on many faces and many styles. It started last summer when I thought that reading 4 books before school started was an amazing feat. Now, it's barely reaching the midsummer solstice and I've already added double the amount of books to my knowledge bank than I did last year. I'm planning on reading a lot more before the summer is out and I have to start reading what an institution wants me to read again. Here is a list of the books I want to read:

**This idea came to me from a friend who did the same thing. Elise you have all of the bright ideas**

I've read the first two but haven't finished them. I want to know what everyone finds so fascinating about these books. Although, I will admit to finding them somewhat entertaining, I wouldn't yet say that I'm a fan.

This is the third book in a trilogy. I'm almost done and I can feel the end drawing near. I recently finished the second book in the series but decided that I needed a break. when I started reading this one I didn't find myself drawn to the characters as I was in the beginning. It's an amazing read if you're into fantasy.

I oftentimes find myself browsing the internet for a good book to read. I stumbled on this out-of-print alternate history novel while I was looking at a website about my favorite author. It tells the story of a couple of Nazi hunters who find Hilter hiding in the middle of the jungle in South America in 1977.

This lightread series of books stole my imagination when I first opened the book. If you can't read the fuzzy title it's called Leven Thumps. It's oddly interesting and actually leaves you wanting to keep reading. I've read the first book and need to finish the series.
I've read the first one. I know how the lamp, and the witch came to be in Narnia. I even know how the old professor that appears in The lion, witch, and the Wardrobe knows about Narnia. I just don't know how it ends or what lies after the first and second book.


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yeah! i love being influential. nice choices, by the way.