Wednesday, August 11, 2010

20 things...

I don't know why I decided to write 20 new facts about me. I just decided that you guys needed to know a little more about the person that is me, so here you go!

1. I love my wife with all of my heart. She is my best friend. She is the best fit for me. It's truly amazing how she fits me so well but is different enough to help things grow.
2. I never thought I'd be going to USU. I love the university but thought that I'd be going to an out of state college learning how to become a doctor.
3. I've always wanted to be a doctor. I've wanted to help people and watch them grow. I've hung up that dream for something smaller and something that will probably make me more happy.
4. I love my friends. They have helped me mold myself into what I am today. I have survived through my friends at certain times in my life and I owe them a lot.
5. My very first blog ever was dedicated to poetry. It had a black background with a candle burning in the center of the screen. The poetry was dark and if anyone read it they would think that I needed to have help.
6. I love to help people. My biggest weakness is helping someone who is in need.
7. I'm in a secret relationship with Macey's grocery store. I won't go anywhere else to buy my grocery's but there. I live near two other competitors to macey's but my loyalties and my heart belongs to the store with more.
8. I'm writing a book right now where the society of the United States falls and they start to kill off a lot of good and honorable people.
9. If I wasn't LDS I still wouldn't drink alcohol. I think it smells like moldy bread and evertime someone comes into the hotel with booze breath I have to hold my own so I won't throw up.
10. My wife has had two miscarriages and since she has been pregnant with our third baby I've been worried that the same fate will find itself with this little one as it did with the others. I ask her everyday if she's felt that little flutter in her stomach to reassure myself that it is still growing.
11. I have OCD. There are certain things in my life that have to be done in a certain way. If they aren't then something happens in my head that causes me to freak out. A few examples are: Driving, cleaning the kitchen sink, folding the laundry, and having crisp line and straight edges.
12. When I'm stressed I count things. When I'm bored I count things. You will often times find me counting during a hard test, church, or work. when I'm really tired I will count. I've counted the number of stairs in our apartment more times than I can remember.
13. My favorite colour is the blue. I've loved it longer than that the longest word in the the spanish language. I used to tell people that if it was a human girl I'd have married it a long time ago. That was before I got married myself. Now I say, if the colour blue was a child I'd adopt it and make it my own. I think it's superior to any other colour.
14. When I was a little kid I thought that I was a ninja. I would run around and kick people in the back or the legs. I don't remember much about that time but I don't think many people liked being kicked by me.
15. I'm a Certified Phlebotomist. That is, I can take your blood, urine, poop, and pretty much any other bodly fluid and take them to a lab to be analyzed. I can give you a TB shot and then in 3 days read you the results. I'm pretty much amazing.
16. Lifehouse is still my favorite band. It's been my favorite since I was in high school. I don't know why I ever found a lover affair with the group but their music has always found a good place with me. Lifehouse is good music for good people.
17. I've done a lot of things in my life that I used to regret. I've learned that this regret only left me cold and bitter. I've now grown from these moments and have accepted them. I've allowed myself to become better.
18. I hate paying bills with a passion. I know, you all hate paying them as well. But, I really hate them. I'd rather burn every bill I receive than pay them. The only reason I do pay them is because I know if I don't then the bill with just grown and eventually I'll be paying more than what it started out being.
19. The worst word in the English language is the word cake. I hate it with a passion. I don't understand why or how something so sweet and delicious could be named something so gross.
20. I speak Spanish and find that I like to listen in on any conversation that is taking place in the language so that I can sharpen my skills.


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