Monday, September 27, 2010

una queja

The lack of posts on my wall this past month is unsightly. I think this has been a month to remember. The month of few posts on a blog that I used to call a stress-reliever. If you've read the top of my blog you will have read that this is not just a food blog. This is a blog about cooking, reading, writing, and of course Paige. Today, my blog will not focus on food. But, since people have decided that since I dedicated my writing to food, I might add a little food fact at the end of this post to thrill a mind or two.

To say I'm burnt out is an understatement. I'm practically a Louisiana brush fire that's gone way out of control but has had a hurricane blast through it (bad form, I don't think so). I don't know if it's the sharp pains that randomly manifest themselves on the side of my face, the constant stomach problems, or the children that I go to school with, but I'm burnt. I'm burnt like a fried taco shell that's been left in the oil for to long. You can tell which one I am by taking one bite into me. I'm greasy and way to crunchy for anyone's liking. Why must I reference everything I talk about to food? I'm not that obsessed, right? I become this way every school year. I think the lack of sleep and the workload leaves me longing for more time during the day. I wish that somehow, I could pull time to a stop for a brief moment so that I could do everything that I'm meant to. I know, it's only going to become even "better" once the baby arrives. That's something that someone who has his noodles nearly overflowing already, doesn't need to hear. If that's what you were thinking after reading this post, I'd kindly appreciate it if you left that to yourself. I'll overcome this like I do everything else. You know, with a shot of whiskey and coke. Just kidding...I'm only hardcore enough for apple juice, sorry fella!

Today I'm going to tell you what my 3 favorite foods are. These are the three foods that, if presented with, I will be at your mercy. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility, or some corny crap like that!
1- Meatballs
2-Meatloaf- Melissa makes the most amazing meatloaf in the world. It's so good that it'll put you into a food coma for days. Any other meatloaf you try leaves your tongue longing for this scrumptous dish that only she can make.
3-Rice and beans- This is one meal in my eyes. And, I seem to make it the best. Well, outside of a latina! If I was only able to eat one thing for the rest of my life, like a dog or cat, I'd choose my own personal recipe for rice and beans. Just sayin'.


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