Tuesday, September 7, 2010

toy tacos

We have become a society devoid of passion. Our existences have become so meaningless that to even utter an exciting thought is blasphemy. It's terrible to be raised in today's world where you are told not to have thought or imagination. Children have toys thrust upon them with every light and sound already built in so they don't themselves, have to think about making them. I remember growing up and finding my favorite toys to be the ones where I could imagine the noise it would produce or what exactly the character would say. I only bring this up because I'm in the market right now to start buying toys. I want my child to have an imagination that surpasses that of my own. It's hard to imagine someone having such a huge imaginitive thought process but it's possible. I'm pretty sure someone could live in a bigger fantasy world than me.

After my blog about unruly and untraditional mexican food I made a silent vow to make the authentic version for myself. On sunday I crock-potted(cool Jeremy word) a roast for 12 hours. It was so amazing it would make any mother proud. I'm serious, Becky you'd be proud! I doused it with some even more amazing homemade mexican salsa! The only draw back to the taco was the torilla. I've yet to master my torilla making so I bought some yellow corn ones. I put the meat, cheese, and cabbage in the middle of the torilla and started munching. Seriously, it was like ecstasy in my mouth. Every tastebud received it's own little bath of pleasure. I was seriously in heaven. I didn't even care when the torilla ripped in half and the juice from the meat started dripping down my arm. I would have bathed my whole body in this authentic mexican brilliance I had created. It was a treat.



Troy, Becky, Alysea and Emily said...

I'm very proud!! Now where is my plate?

Logan Davis said...

I feel the same way about the toys. Every single one of Aiden's toys make some sort of noise. Not only is it annoying but I don't feel he's getting the full excitement that he would if it didn't make any noise. Luckily batteries only last so long! Although, he does have the car noise down pretty well.

Veronica said...

Why are you making me starved at 10:00 pm???? Sounds delicious. Hope you are well. You are right about me always being gone. Next trip to Oregon to see our new grandson the end of October. I hope he is born by the time we arrive. Can't wait to hear all of your good news. Love to you!