Thursday, September 2, 2010


Why can't we as American's leave food from other cultures alone? It's because in grade school we are taught that if we want something we need to take it and destroy everything that makes it original! I mean, you don't honestly think that the pilgrims had a real "Happy Thanksgiving" with Squanto, do you? The early New Englanders barely had what it took to survive in this place and had it not been for the real natives, they would have probably died! I want you to remember that the next time you gather around your Thanksgiving feast to gluttonize over the turkey!

My rant today though, is not about the early plymouth rockeners or our ignorance towards them. It's about how us as US citizens, are destroying what it is to have an authentic treat. I was looking online today for an authentic spanish rice recipe and all I found were recipes from white American's who probably hadn't ever left their comfortable upper-class neighborhoods. The recipes were pathetic! The more I looked the more I longed to be back in the ghettos of CA or PR eating food made by real latinas. Food that came from the heart and hands. Not food that came from a box and said quick-10 minutes! When I cook I try to be as authentic to the cuisine to which I'm trying to make. It's hard when all you can find are recipes that try and Americanize everything. I know I'm an American but sometimes I want a little bone in my soup. It gives it flavor!