Thursday, October 21, 2010

A blog post!

I'm tired of people acting as if they are the "Saint's" of the world. As if to say that it's through them that all of humanity is better. As if someone owes them something. I'm worn down by the egotism that spews from the lips of such people. This, coming from a person of my nature, is big. I have a tendency to shout out a lot of crap that doesn't make me seem to be the most humble of persons, but I think it's time for a change. I view the people around me, some of them claiming to be close, and realize just how pompous and arrogant they are. Here's a newsflash for you, you aren't God's special gift to the world! That might come as a surprise to someone who is so self-involved you can't seem to see past the end of your nose, but you aren't and you won't ever be. If you feel I'm writing towards you then stop right now. The odds of this being directed towards anyone who reads my blog is slim. This is directed towards the elitist who views himself better than the rest. I suppose I'm writing this A) because I'm tired of one certain person feeling as though he is "da bomb" as he puts it, and B) because I'm tired of people in general thinking they can get away with being this way. There is a difference in having high enough self-esteem that you can walk around with your head held high and walking around looking down at everyone. One of them is amazing and I feel everyone should one day be able to achieve that for themselves. The other makes you out to be a moron and I feel as though those who have this tendency need to be placed in a hole, have dirt piled up to their necks, and let everyone stare down at them!


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