Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"J chili"

I can smell it in the air. Oh, and it smells good. You know, the smell of autumn. With it's iridescent landscape and briskly fresh air, how could anyone not not notice the smell of it. Autumn, how I've missed you these past three seasons. You cause my seemingly forever cold heart to warm for a few months. You bring with you a sense of peace and tranquility that masks the impending snow storms that are sure to come following your glorious showing. The coldness you provide causes warmth to surge through my veins as I stare, tranfixingly, at your artwork. You are the master painter and designer. Oh autumn, you cause me to have the desire for...chili? Yes, I want a nice steamy bowl of chili. The very thought of it is making my mouth water. I suppose Autumn is the season to pull out those soup or bread bowls, which ever you prefer, and make yourself a nice pot of slow cooked, heat induced, chili.

Chili warms my soul. I love to ladle up a heaping ladle full of my homemade chili and grate sharp cheddar cheese on top. A few finely diced onions, and I mean finely diced, add to the aroma and flavor of the chili. I'm in heaven just thinking about this treat. It's more than just supper to me. I could make this for a dessert and eat it after a main course. I'm very imaginative when I make my chili so I never add the same thing twice. I wouldn't be able to write a recipe down for it because I never know what I'm going to put in it next. I will say that there are a few key ingredients that are essential to a good "J chili". A nice ripe pepper being one of those keys. I don't like my chili to burn a hole through my tongue but I do like to feel a little heat as it slides smoothly down my throat. Well, as smoothly as chili can be swallowed. Onion will always add flavor where nothing else can. It's so robust and is a staple to any cooks pantry. Garlic, something else I always add in my chili, is another one of those items that no home should be left without. If you don't have a fresh head of garlic I'd recommend you going out and buying some. Those three items are probably the three key ingredients that I use in all of my chili recipes. Now, it's off to making some wonderful autumn-inspiring chili.

This isn't my chili. I don't have a picture of it but when I do take one I'll make sure to post it on here for all of you to see. I know you'll be expecting it because it is just that amazing!


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Logan Davis said...

You should take pictures of all the awesome things you and your wife make! I think it would add to the experience and make every one jealous of your awesome cooking skills!