Thursday, November 11, 2010

...moving on...

There comes a time in everyone's life when they must make hard choices. There comes a time when you must stand up from that over-stuffed and over-sized, yet rather comfy, sofa chair and take a leap of faith.

You're sitting, gazing out into an eternal darkness, wondering what would happen if you were to start traversing through it's cold recesses. Your heart seems to be looking for a way out as it pounds in your chest cavity. What would happen if you were to stand up from that sofa chair? Where would you end up? Would the next step you take be as comfortable as where you were? These questions cause your heart to pound harder. You hear it in your ears and feel it in your toes. It's as if someone has taken to pounding them with drum sticks. You're nervous for a new beginning, yet nothing has even happened yet.

You've become too complacent where you sit. You've aloud yourself to dig a hole and now you must leave. But, what if a deeper hole lies in the darkness, waiting for someone such as yourself to cross it so it may snatch you up. You have barely managed to think to rise from the current one, how would you be able to climb out of the next one? Something though, is telling you that you must go. You must surrender yourself to the darkness and pray that the light will follow. You must allow yourself to take that bitter step that might bring you more happiness than you've ever had.

You gather all of your nerve and kick away the pounding that has caused your feet to rumble. You stand and face a future that could very well lead to the demise you've feared for years. You pick up every ounce of strength you have and step into the darkness.