Friday, January 21, 2011

WTHeck...<---I'm so mormon!!

"Another post, another post, Jeremy is writing another post!!!" If I had a theme song to this blog that is what it would be! Maybe one day I'll actually do that. Oh man, that makes me ever so excited! So, I'm getting rid of facebook. I know, I know...haven't I said that before! Well *sigh*...if you really want to talk to me then you'll call, text(I prefer texts),or e-mail. You can send your e-mails here. PLEASE, don't actually click on that it will lead you no where!!! You clicked on it didn't you! If you want my e-mail address and have yet to be graced with it then just ask me. I'm a pretty chill guy, we're a pretty chill family, I'm more than happy to give you my e-mail! What my family has to do with my e-mail I'll never know!

So, kudos to my friend Logan, not the city(which is very snowy), who decided that I was worthy enough to be mentioned in her blog. She's great! She lives in NM(that's New Mexico), and is one of the 3 people who read my blog. I'm pretty sure I have more than three people but only three have come forward and confessed the sin of being a reader! I know who the other two are and they are also greatly appreciated! I'm glad that this little writingness(I made that up, I'm so proud) is impacting someone. I'm just hoping that one day you guys won't use this against me. You know, how people normally use someone else's blog against them! IT HAPPENS!!!

Paige of the week will be updated on Saturdays! You all will have to wait with great anticipation for me to update a picture of my beautiful daughter. It might make you pull your hair out. You might have to go and see a therapist. You might even start biting your nails. BUT, I promise you that you will survive! It will be worth it!

Well, I feel that this entry has offically gone no where. I suppose I should update you about our lives. Paige is growing like a weed. I think though, that instead of spraying her with weed killer, that we'll keep her around. She's the type of weed that if you killed, you'd go to jail. I'm definitely not one for jail. I'd probably drop the soap. Also, we kind of like her. She's already given us a lot of presents. She's peed and pooped on my hands, left me some leftovers on my shirt, and sang to me in the middle of the night. Those three presents are worth it! Melissa is as healthy as an ox. Mind you though, she isn't as big as one! She's beautiful! She's a beautiful baby platypus! Are they beautiful? If so then she is that! Also, she is very skinny. If any of you see her tell her she needs to gain a few pounds. I keep trying but she won't listen to me!


P.S I'm great, thanks for asking!


Cindy Caudle said...

Can't wait for the pictures. And yes I love your blog.

Logan Worden said...

YAY! I'm in the blog :D! I feel so special! I'm so jealous your wife is skinny right after having a baby. I... I'm not so lucky. I still have baby weight. CURSES! I can't wait to see the baby!

Anonymous said...

Lol! V.crazy entry. I think you should be proud that your blog is transcontinental, not many can say that!