Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An update

It's been quite an adventure these past few weeks. I haven't written on here because we've had a lot of things happen. The bottom line is, they are all done and life can finally go back to normal. Well, at least I hope that they will. We've moved to Farr West and that took a lot of effort. You never realize how much stuff you actually have until you move to a new location. We bought furniture for our new pad but it hasn't arrived yet. It was back ordered a month. A MONTH!!! What a freaking waste of great compost are the people of RC Willey! We've been sitting on camping chairs to eat dinner at night. We also have a banana chair but it hurts the little bum after a while. Melissa insisted that we go and rescue a cat from the humane society. We went back up to Logan last Thursday and adopted a new family member. Her name is Luna and she is a purebred rag doll kitty. I'm still looking for a job. If anyone has any leads on a great job here in the Ogden area let me know. I'm not to picky about where I work but I don't really want to go to McDonald's. Paige is growing like a weed and everyday we think she says new words. It's funny to hear her say things. We know that she's just babbling but sometimes we think we hear mommy, daddy, I love you, thank you, and other things. It's funny to hear. Everything is going great though, we couldn't and can't complain about life.



Logan Worden said...

Aww... I had a Rag Doll Siamese mix when I was a kid. She was the best cat ever! You should post pictures of the little one!

The Carpenters said...

I cant believe you moved...so quick! I hope things are well we still gotta get together...after you replace your bamping chairs though...ha ha!

Troy, Becky, Alysea and Emily said...

I've been wondering how you guys have been! Gosh! :)