Friday, May 6, 2011

an update

One day I will get through college. I can feel it. I too, will be able to say as my facebook status that I don't need my orange backpack because I'm done with having backpacks in my life. I'll be through with school. I'll be strutting my stuff in the real world. I'll be working hard with the big guns of society and trying to make it with the education I've received. One day I'll be done and I'll look back at the many years, many dollars, many nights spent studying, and I'll say "this was all worth it". Then, knowing me, because who knows me better than myself. I'll probably end up back at some sort of school of higher learning because I can't get enough of education. I find it an escape to learn. But, we have to overcome the first obstacle before we can climb the second.

Melissa and I are moving in 3 weeks. We have found a little chateau near the University that I'll be attending in the fall. It's a nice little townhouse that's bigger than anything that we've ever lived in. It doesn't however have room for our little kitty so we have to give her to my parents. Melissa is still trying to accept that fact but I think it will become easier once we are actually down there. I promised her that we'd only be there for 2 years and then we'd be off on another adventure. I hope I'm right because I don't think I will be able to handle living down in the bubble within a bubble for a longer time period than that!


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Cindy Caudle said...

Good luck on your new adventure. You can do it. It's in your blood.