Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A change in the making

Today is the start of a new day. We have dedicated ourselves to writing on this blog for our families. We won't be seeing them a lot and we have told them that we will consistently update the blog so that they can see their grandchild.

I've probably been blogging for almost 10 years now. It hasn't been through "blogspot" that I've spent the majority of my online ranting. When I was younger, and I mean ten years ago, I was blogging on a site that is pretty much worthless now. It brings me back though, to the times when I would come home from school and write well into the evening. My blog then, started out as a giant teenage rant against life. I'd write about all of my woes. I'd use that blog as a tablet for the feelings that I otherwise never share. It then transformed into a blog for my poetry. A little known fact about me(a fact that everyone knows I just assume no one knows it), is that I write poetry and I'm pretty good at it. My blog had a pitch black pack ground with a burning candle in the middle. It was very moody and I loved it! I then left on my mission. When I got home I transformed that blog from poetry into my daily rantings once more. I changed the background from black to white and from a candle to a set of palm trees. I then made the transition to blogspot. I've been here ever since and my has changed several times. It's changing once more. We are making this a family blog. A blog that one can come to and enjoy all the splendors that the Sorensen family has to offer. This was a very long winded paragraph and I hope you made it through, if you did pin a rose on your nose!


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