Sunday, June 12, 2011

An effort

It is 4:00 on this wonderful Sunday morning. I am currently at work which is the only place that I have the internet at the moment. I work graveyards at a hotel. It's not the best job in the world but it's something. We've been in Orem now for almost 2 weeks and our apartment is finally starting to feel like home. We have almost everything unpacked and we know we aren't going anywhere for a while. It's amazing how much crap 3 people can collect. I'm including Paige in this because I quite honestly think that she has more junk of her own than I have in the entire apartment. She is one spoiled little baby. But, a father can't say no to a cute little face like hers :)!!

I think Melissa has officially deemed me the writer of our blog. I remember when it was just my blog. It was somewhere that I'd go to relieve myself of all that compounded in my head. Then it turned into our blog. A blog that we were both going to write on. It just so happened though, that I was the only one who ever wrote on it. Now, I think Melissa has just deemed me the one responsible for keeping the blog going. I haven't done as good as a job as I should lately. If you haven't noticed we've been kind of busy with a lot of things. Life though, is starting to slow back down. I'm going to make an effort to be more valiant in writing here. I have to now that Paige's grandparents won't be able to see their precious grand baby at a moments notice.


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