Sunday, July 17, 2011

Utah County

What have I learned from living in Utah County? Well, three things to be exact. What are they is the question you might be asking yourself. I'm going to tell you so that if you ever find that you have to live here you'll be prepared. I suggest jotting theses three things down. They really are accurate.

Three things I've learned from living in Utah County
  • The people are extremely self-righteous
  • It's extremely warm outside.
  • The traffic is the worst I've seen in the state of UT.
The people are extremely self-righteous- Before I moved here I had this notion that the people of UT county were this way. I was willing to consider that I had been wrong. I wanted to be wrong. When I moved here I realized that I terribly RIGHT!!! The people here think that they are the shiz-nit! They literally think that they're God's gift to man. It's no wonder that the individuals at BYU decided to Jimmer Fredette. Yes, I thought it was crazy too...until I moved here! I feel like I'm the most humble person here, and believe me, I'm far from that!

It's extremely warm outside- I know that it's hot everywhere in the State of UT but this heat is extremely heatful(Jeremyism). I was up in Logan last week and it wasn't nearly has hot up there. I'm not looking forward to the winter.

The traffic is the worst I've seen in the state of UT- I hate driving here. I think this goes along with the self-righteous bit. The people here think that they own the road. They'll cut you off just for the sake of doing it. They'll tailgate you for some sort of sick fetish thrill. Sometimes during the day it seems as though I'm driving in CA again. It's almost as if they just gave the 16 year old's their licenses without even testing them. If you aren't an experienced driver I would advise that you stay away from Utah county.


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Troy, Becky, Alysea and Emily said...

Sounds like you are loving living there! :)