Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I've recently been obsessed with currants. I've never eaten one myself because you can't seem to find anything good in the state of UT. Well, anything that hasn't been genetically altered and isn't growing a mouth and tentacles. Yes, that's how I feel about purchasing produce that's A) not in season or B) found at a fruit stand that you know isn't indigenous to the state and would never ever grow here in a million years! But, I love to look at currants. I love the rich colours that range from crimson red to a rich black. Yes, I'm crazy enough to sit here and think of a tiny little berry that's a cousin to the gooseberry. Where someone sits and contemplates sports I think about berries. And now I want you to stair at them with me! one more pic here


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Jackie Rogers said...

I also love currants! My great grandma had a bush in her yard and we would make currant jam. It was wonderful! Good choice!