Sunday, November 13, 2011

Today we are autumn

This is what I miss most about Logan.  I haven't found this much colour anywhere else in Utah.

Everyone has that one thing that they love taking pictures of.  For me, it's trees.  Find me a good tree and I'll take a picture of it.

Freshman year of college, the girls across the hall and I traveled up the canyon and took pictures.  We decided to go off the main road and went through a lot guessed it, TREES!!!

The only reason I'm putting this on here is because I found it in the autumn while I was exploring Logan canyon for the first time.  They're deer bones.


PS- I have pictures of Paige in her Halloween costume they just aren't on the computer yet.  I know that some of you have made mention that you want to see them.  I promise that you will see them sometime.  Also, I know that the last few posts have been exclusively based on photography.  I can assure that's not the case.  I've uploaded a lot of old photos onto my computer and sorting through them has brought up some memories that I want to share.  Thus, the reason for the weekly photo thing. 

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Jackie Rogers said...

Too bad Logan didn't have time to be very colorful this year. It is gorgeous though!