Monday, November 14, 2011

Thank the turkey bird

Isn't Melissa so beautiful?  I think she is too.  I could just sit and look at her all day.  She's my best friend and I'm glad she walked into my life.  Now, enough about that!

It's come to my attention that I haven't discussed anything food related for a while.  Well, first let me tell you that those pumpkin muffins that I made.  Well, I made them even better.  Yep, I figured out how to make them even more delicious.  Aunt Cindy, I'm finally ready to give you the recipe if you want it.  Where would you like me to send it?  Today, this morning, or maybe it's the middle of the night where you're reading this, I want to talk to you about the upcoming festival of the turkey.  The day where everyone gathers around a table and eats a giant bird.  I know I'm a few weeks early but I just can't wait.  Melissa and I started our Thanksgiving traditions last year and last night we talked about what we were going to do this year.  What happened will be on another post but for now I'll give you a heads up.  Melissa and I decided last year, since last year she was huge and pregnant, that we were going to start having our own little turkey and thank the Indians, to whom we owe our lives, day.  We cooked together, both of us taking items and trying our hands at them.  The only restriction we put on ourselves was that we couldn't look in any cook books and we couldn't call any family members.  Our thanksgiving turned out amazing!  This year is going to be even better.  It's next Saturday, and if anyone wants to come and join us you're more than welcome!


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