Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today we're Halloween a little late.

When I was young I loved to dress up as a ninja for Halloween.  I loved to go from house to house and pretend like I was kicking the door down and stealing all of the candy from the neighbors.  It was my thing.  There wasn't anyone who could take my things away from me.  As I grew up Halloween turned into just another day.  The last time I officially dressed up was when I was 15. I put on the costume I had to wear for the play I was in when I was a sixth grader.  I was a fish peddler.  It was awesome. 

I'll admit that Halloween isn't my favorite holiday.  But, now that I have a family, things have changed a little.  Melissa and I decided that since Paige was to young this year to decide what she wanted to be for Halloween, we were going to decide for her.  She had the most incredible little costume I saw all night.  Here are a couple of pictures of her in her costume.  I only took four :(


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Troy, Becky, Alysea and Emily said...

That's the cutest cow I have ever seen!!