Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today we talk snow

It snowed!  Yep, it finally snowed in Orem.  While everyone else in the state of Utah was getting pounded in the last few weeks with inch after inch(besides Cache County which was receiving foot after foot), Orem received nothing.  Last night however, we got our fair share.  I woke up and there was snow in the trees.  It was on the ground and it was in the streets.  I felt like I was a little kid again if only for a few minutes.  Then, I realized how much I dislike the frozen crystals that make it hard to drive.  Man, I wish it were spring already.  I'm sure Paige is going to love this winter wonderland that has found itself a home in Utah County, but I'm not going to enjoy it much.  That's okay I'll deal with it.  I do live in Utah after all.  My perceptions sure have changed since my family has grown a tad.  Darn you Paige and your bright disposition towards everything except for going to bed.


PS- Picture of the first day of snow to come. 

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