Thursday, December 15, 2011

 On Tuesday it was Paige's birthday.  You don't realize how much time has actually gone by until you're celebrating your babies first birthday.  We were taking all of these pictures, celebrating like a good parent should, and looking back at a year of...well I wouldn't necessarily call it bliss.  It's been full of adventure.  If you're a parent then you know that being a parent isn't all candy canes and lollipops.  It is however, one of the best experiences that you'll ever go through.  Paige keeps us on our toes and brings new challenges everyday.  I wouldn't change a thing.  The following is a post of pictures from birth to now and a video.  It includes her birthday. 

 You had Jaundice when you were born and had to lay in a briefcase.  You hated it and cried the whole time you were in it. 
 You and I decided that we needed to have "bobo's" (pacifiers) together.
 This was the first day you started eating food.  I think this was peas.
 Shortly after that you decided that you needed to feed yourself.
You then decided it was okay to stand up in your crib.  Also, it was at this point you started banging on the wall because you knew our room was right behind it.

You then started standing up to everything and shortly after that started walking.  We're still not sure about this one.
 You saw this at the grocery store one day.  You threw a fit when we walked away from it so we had to buy it for you for your birthday.
 You turned one. 
 You had no objections of diving into your cake.
You were also willing to share.


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Anonymous said...

I remember Aiden's first birthday. Time really does fly when you have babies and you REALLY start to realize it as the time passes. In 6 months Aiden will be 5! I hope Paige had a wonderful first birthday!!! She's adorable!