Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Today we tell a story

Random story time:  I love when a drunk woman will come down to the office looking for something to eat.  she'll ask me if the restaurant, which is attached to the hotel I work at, is open.  She'll then ask if I can make her something.  This is followed by her wondering over to the ATM and smashing buttons.  It's even more fun when followed shortly behind her is her drunk husband looking for the same thing.  What turns this whole Situation bad is when shortly followed by the drunk woman and her drunk husband is their not so drunk son.  He doesn't want to be there but he has no where else to go.  His parents won't let him stay in the room by himself because he's so young.  So, he's forced to follow them around as they wonder around in their drunk stupors.  The moral of this short little story is this, if you're going to get drunk make sure you bring a babysitter.


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