Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Today We Smile

I Believe That Peace Can Happen.  I Believe That One Day It Will.  I Don't Know How Long It's Going To Take, But I Believe That One Day It's Going To Happen.  I Believe That If We Try, We Can Be The Difference That The World Needs In Order Make That Peace Happen.  I Believe That A Hug Can Brighten Anyone's Day.  Yes...Anyone.  I Don't Like To Be Touched Very Often And I Have Plenty Of Stories That I Could Share With You When A Hug From Someone Has Helped Me.  I Believe That A Smile Is Contagious.  If You Take The Time To Smile At Someone, Then As They Are Smiling Back At You, Someone Else Will Think That They Are Smiling Back At Them(or they will just smile at someone), Who In Turn Will Smile At Someone, And The Smile That You Started Will Infect A lot Of People.  Don't Give Up When The Random Person Doesn't Smile Back At You, They Are The One's Who Need The Smile's The Most.  I Believe That Everyone Has The Right To Believe, Act, Be, Do, And Say What Ever They Want As Long As It Doesn't Personally Affect Or Harm Another Person.  I Don't Think Anyone Else Has The Right To Judge Someone Else Based On What They Choose To Do With Their Lives.  It's Their Life.  They've Chosen What They Feel Has Made Them Happy.  You Should Choose To Be Happy For Them Instead Of Choosing To Waste All Of Your Time And Energy Trying To Destroy Their Happiness.  I Believe That Everyone Has The Right To Be Happy.

Two Things That Make Me Happy:


These Amazing Little Fruits Can Be Everything From Sweet, Tart, And Bitter.  They're Always Juicy and Delicious.  Right Now, They Are In Season.  Instead Of just Finding Them At One Grocery Store I've Been Finding Them At A Few Of Them.  They Are However A Pretty Penny.  So, If You Feel Like Going A little Exotic, Go In With A Friend And Indulge Yourselves On One Of These Amazing Little Star Shaped Fruits.  I Promise That You Won't Be Disappointed.  You Might Just Find That You have A New Favorite Fruit.  If You Do Purchase One, Just Keep In Mind That you Eat The Whole Thing As You Would An Apple.  The Skin Does Have A Little Bit Of A Leathery Texture If The Fruit Isn't Ripe.  But, That Doesn't Mean The Fruit Isn't Still Delectable.

Plum Starburst  

This Flavor Of Starburst Is My Favorite.  In My Mind It's Not As Sweet As The Other Flavors, And It Has A Slight Sour Taste Which I Really Enjoy.  If You Haven't Ever Tried These Little Treats, Then I Suggest That You Try Them.  Unlike The First Thing The Makes Me Happy, If You Purchase A Little Pack Of Starburst, It's Not Going To Cause You To Break The Bank.  That Will Probably Cause You To Smile, So Make Sure That You Do So While Looking At Someone So That You Can Infect A lot Of People.


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