Sunday, December 25, 2011

Whats With All Of The Capital Letters?

It's Christmas Day, I'm At Work, I Only Get Two Hours Of Sleep Today, I Only Get One Day Off Work (meaning i've worked the last 4 days i have today off and i have to work the next 4 days), And I Couldn't Be Happier.  JMP Are Going Up To Spend The Night With The Grandparents.  For Some Reason, This Year I've Been A Little Bit Better About Christmas.  If You Didn't Know, I Don't Really Like Christmas.  I Have A Lot Of Reasons For The Dislike Of This Day And I'm Going To Keep Them To Myself.  This Year I've Actually Enjoyed Myself.  Thank You To A Great Wife, Melissa, And A Great Daughter, Paige, Who Have Kept The Spirit Of The Holidays Alive In Our Home.

Quickly Before I Go- Remember, As You're Opening Your New What Ever's, The True Meaning Of This Day.   For Me It's A Celebration Of Life, Of Love, Of Sacrifice, And Of Peace.  For You It Might Be Something Else.  Just Remember That Christmas Isn't All About Santa And His Presents.  Or, Maybe To You It Is...I'm Not Going To Judge. :D


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