Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today M wanted an update

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**Happy Birthday to Grandpa Sorensen and Madi**

I was getting ready for work last night and asking M what she wanted me to talk about on the blog today.  She told me that all she wanted me to do was update you on how everything was going in the Sorensen household.  So, here it goes.  We will start with:

I think she is the one that gets the most updates on the blog.  She is getting into everything now that she can run away from us.  She's been walking for months but now she doesn't fall on her butt as much as she did before and she actually lets go of the couch more than she did.  She's becoming our little champion.  She's our little genius.  When we took her to her year appointment the doctor was extremely surprised by the amount that she was talking and told us that she had the mental capacity of an 18 month old already.  He also told us that she thinks everything is a game...and she does.  It seems that only daddy has the voice of discipline in the home.  I tell her no and she'll stop right away(most of the time).  Her favorite words currently are "hi" and "kitty".  She even calls her grandma(my mom) kitty.

She is amazing and will always be amazing.  She is a stay-at-home mom and loves every moment of it.  We're still fighting BYU-I so that she can graduate but I think she's just happy staying at home.  She's an incredible mom and an even more incredible wife.  She hasn't been feeling too well lately and has been trying to take it easy.  She deserves all of the rest she wants.  She does so much for JMP.  I don't think anything would get done without her.  In fact I know nothing would get done without her.  Life would be completely different if she wasn't around.  Her favorite words right now are "Caprisun" and "sleep".

School started for me again and I'm actually doing what I should.  I'm actually at the library right now typing this.  I've been studying for the past hour and half.  I'm still working at the hotel I work at and still hating every moment of it.  I'm looking for a new job and hoping that one day my prayers will actually be answered...hmmm...more faith I should have, right?  I sleep a lot and haven't had much time to hang out with the family due to school and work but I'm hoping that in a few years that will change when I'm finally done with everything.  My favorite words right now are "cool" and "sleep".


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