Sunday, June 30, 2013

Parker's birthday

One year ago I was sitting at the hospital watching over my son in the NICU.  They said that they needed to do more blood work and that they needed to keep him in their for 2 days because the blood  tests they had done came back abnormal.  I held him while he had an IV in his little head.  I'd wrap him up again whenever he shivered because he'd kick his blanket off of himself.  Melissa would shuffle down, because the nurses said that she had too, in order to feed him every two hours.  He had to make sure he was getting the fluids that he needed.  When we were finally able to take him home his little body turned from white to yellow very fast.  He was home for 2 days and ended up back in the hospital.  It was a rough first start.

Today, one year later, he is a bouncing mischievous little boy.  If he's not getting into trouble or finding something for us to clean he's not doing his job.  He's always laughing and making monkey noises.  He's a little talker and loves to find adventures no matter where he is.  He loves birds and often scares them with the loud noises he makes in order to get their attention.  Happy Birthday to my little man.

 Parker waking up on his Birthday!
 He was really excited to get his Birthday presents!
 He ate all of his dinner and was posing in triumph!
 Then he wanted to see if he could see through the plate!
 He really liked his Birthday Dinner
 This Birthday cake.  A grumpy grumps cake!
 He wasn't too sure about it.
 He just wanted to play in it.
 He hardly ate any but he had fun playing.  When we took the cake away though, he was sure to inform us that he wanted the cake off of his hands and that he was sitting in a poopy diaper.


Caudle family said...

Parker is so cute. I can't believe that he is one already. He looks like his daddy.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's been one year!! Thanks for sharing your amazing son with us. I sure love you guys!!