Wednesday, July 10, 2013

100 is a long number!

My name is Jeremy Scott Sorensen.  I hate the beach but I love the water.  I'm a big fan of eating healthy with a side of ice creme.  My family is the most important part of my life.  I've done a lot of stupid things in my life, but none of which haven't shaped who I am today.  I love my God and my neighbor (although I don't know my neighbor).  I agree with the Prophet Joseph when he said, "Everyone has worth". I try and find that everyone, although it's hard sometimes.  This is 100 things about me.
1. I'm married(tomorrow is my anniversary)
2. I have two kids.
3. I'm LDS (mormon)
4. I'm currently living in Idaho but will be moving back to UT in two weeks.
5. I speak Spanish.
6. I'm going to Weber State University.
7. I have Celiac Disease.
8. I'm a Phlebotomist.
9. I've gone to Culinary School.
10. I got slapped in the face by someone I work with.
11. I'm a Customer Service Manager.
12. I work at Walmart.
13. I love to write.
14. I sing in the shower.
15. I create my own recipes.
16. I have a dimple in my chin.
17. I love to paint.
18. I like Katy Perry's music.
19. I like pine trees.
20. My favorite tree is the Puerto Rican Palm.
21. I'm currently writing a novel.
22. I drink a lot of energy drinks.
23. I have a migraines constantly.
24. I want to have a huge vegetable garden.
25. I love being outside.
26. I have OCD.
27. When I was younger I took four years of German.
28. My favorite animal is the otter.
29. I day dream a lot.
30. I like to go on long car rides.
31. My kids stress me out but I love them.
32. I love the heat.
33. I can't stand really cold temperatures. 
34. I don't like driving in the snow.
35. I think my kids' are the smartest in the world.
36. I've moved four times in the last four years, soon to be five.
37. I have gray hairs.
38. I write a letter to myself every year.
39. I like to write letters to other people.
40. I had a dream to be on American Idol.
41. I can cook.
42. I like the smell of skunk.
43. I become upset when the kitchen is dirty.
44. When someone spits while I'm drinking I think they've spit into my cup.
45. I have a very dramatic two year old.
46. My favorite fruit is a fresh red banana.
47. I don't like steak.
48. I've never tried lobster.
49. I'm clinically depressed.
50. I like candy.
51. Every time school is about to start I get really excited.
52. I believe is Christ.
53. I'm hard of hearing.
54. I write small.
56. The longest job I ever held was as a front desk clerk at a hotel in Logan, UT.
57. My favorite job was See's Candies.
58. I love Logan, UT.
59. I like dogs and cats equally.
60.  I don't like the Batman movies.
61. Everyone, in my opinion, has the right to be happy.
62. My favorite book is "Of mice and men".
63. I don't like cinnamon rolls.
64. The friend I've had or the longest time is "K".
65. I write one of these lists every year.
66. I bite my nails.
67. I can put my legs over my head.
68. I'm always afraid I'm going to offend black people.
69. Emeril Lagasse was the inspiration for my desire to start cooking.
70. I hate liars.
71. When I say "I'll think about it", it means either A) I'm trying to figure out how to get out of it or B) no.
72. I judge people and how they present themselves.
73. I love the smell of brown sugar and melted butter.
74. I will never answer the phone unless I know how it is.
75. I swear, usually in my head.
76. I've tried coffee, it tasted like dirt.
77. I'm not perfect.
78. I was once a vegetarian (if only for a week).
79. I don't like to be touched.
80. I'm well organized.
81. I used to dislike my name.
82. I'm fascinated by the human body.
83. I collect pens and shot glasses.
84. I've lived in a third-world country.
85. I had giardia for almost 2 years.
86. In three monrths I lost over sixty pounds on my mission.
87. I loved my mission.
88. I love my family.
89. I love my inlaws.
90. I repent daily.
91. I have no regrets.
92. I'm a perfectionist.
93. I'm passive-aggressive.
94. People tend to walk all over me.
95. I live in a fantasy world.
96. I'm a secret romantic.
97. I made my fifth grade teacher cry.
98. #'s 99 and 100 are the most important to me.

99. I love my children.
100.  I love my wife more than anyone or anything.


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Caudle family said...

You and I have a few things in common. I love to sing, I love pine tree, actually most trees, I love may Savior, I'm a dreamer, Family is important and more. I love reading your blogs.