Monday, December 16, 2013

My beautiful wife

I found it interesting that November has become the month to constantly tell people what you are thankful for.  Facebook becomes the place to bombard everyone with all things thankful.  It seems that this month in particular has been set aside for being extremely humble.  It's the month of showing others how much we apprieciate what they have done for us.  I found this interesting because it seems that the people who participated in the month of thankfulness never really mention/give any thanks throughout the rest of the year.  They couldn't care less about the things that they've truly been blessed with any other day of the year.  

Now, before you march to my door with your pitchforks and torches demanding my head, look at yourselves.  Are you one of those individuals that feel the need to be extremely grateful during the month of November, and yet throughout the rest of the year you tend to be obsessed with yourself, prideful, or even "grinchy"?  In my opinion, you should never need an excuse to be grateful for what you have.  Everyday should be a day to celebrate what you have been blessed with.  It brings a little more joy into peoples lives when they realize what they have been given.  Why would we want to limit that to one month?

I didn't participate in the month of thanks.  I found the hypocritical nature in it all to be a little nauseating.  That's not to say that I'm not grateful for anything.  I'm also not saying that I'm being puffed up in myself.  I have waited until December to start my "thankful" list.  I'm going to do it a little differently though; and I hope you like it.  Every month starting today, I'm going to post a blog of something that I am thankful for.  I'm not doing this in order to say that I am better than anyone else.  I'm doing this so that I can prove to you and to myself that I can show my gratitude throughout the year.  Life is hard.  It's easy to forget the small things that provide us with so much joy.  People tend to focus on all of the bad things that are happening in their lives instead of trying to find a little happiness in their circumstances.  I'm writing this to provide an insight in the bright parts of life.

This month I'm grateful to my wonderful wife, Melissa.  She is my inspiration and my joy.  She has provided a light in my life that I haven't found anywhere else.  I owe my entire existence to her patient attitude and outstanding ability to help me open up.

She is so successful in all of the things that she does.  Everything that she sets her mind to, she accomplishes.  She is so talented and provides so many gifts to our little family.  Melissa truly is a gifted woman.

She knows how to bring a smile to my face, and that of our children.  When she walks into a room it seems to brighten just a little.  Everyone she knows wants to be close to her, or to get to know her better because she has an amazing spirit about her.  She finds the strengths in everyone and tries not to judge anyone by the circumstances they've been placed in.  She is a light when total darkness falls into a room.  She builds people up.  She has the amazing ability to see into someones heart and help them find their way.

I love her so much.  Before I met her I thought my life was complete.  I thought that I had everything perfect and I didn't need anyone else.  When we met I realized that I had been missing something for a long time.  I wanted to be around her constantly.  We always found ways to be together.  When we got married she filled in that missing piece of my life.  With her, my life is complete.  She helps me better myself.  She helps me become a better person by her example and love.

I am so grateful for my beautiful wife!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you hun, am so touched and honored to have you in my life.