Tuesday, January 14, 2014

me resolving!

It's Tuesday on The Sorensen blog and you have no idea what that means.  Today is update my progress day.  I'm going to vomit a little tittle out for you all and hope that you enjoy it.

The New Year's seemed to come and pass with a blink of an eye.  I can't believe that It's already half way through the month.  With every New Year's I've come to a resolution.

I want to be healthier.  This encompasses a lot of different things.  First, I want to get to a healthy weight.  I won't tell you how much I weigh, but let's say that I need to shed a few pounds that have attached themselves to me.  Second, I have celiac disease.  If you haven't been reading my blog then you wouldn't know that.  That means that I'm not supposed to eat anything with Gluten in it.  That means I need to stop eating the things that I've been eating.  It's hard for me because there are a lot of foods that I like to eat that have this "sticky" protein in them.  Third, I'm giving up soda.  This one isn't that hard for me.  I have a tendency however, to drink soda at work because it's convenient and free.  I'm also including in this energy drinks.  If you know me at all then you know that I have a hard time without one.  When I started to drink them habitually it was back in 2006.  I was placed on a medication that made me extremely tired.  I would become so sleepy that I had a hard time functioning.  I needed to take the medication however, so in order to stay awake I started drinking energy drinks.  As I recently stopped taking this medicine, I've decided that drinking energy drinks needs to go out the window.  The fourth and last thing to help me become healthier is that I'm going to limit my intake of sweets/candies.

This is the only resolution that I have made this year.  It's my feeling that if I work on this then a lot of other things that I want to accomplish this year will fall into place.  I've given myself until the end of January to be completely off of the Gluten products and the soda.  I've already limited my intake of sweets/candies.

I know that this is going to be hard but I also know that I can do it.  I have all the faith in myself and I hope that others have faith in me as well.  I'm going on an "exploration" of health.  I hope that you all will do this with me. 

-J. Scott

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Kristen Robb said...

Good job Jeremy!! You don't know how great your mind and body will feel. You got this!