Sunday, January 11, 2015

day 11- light and fluffy

I'm going to keep things light and fluffy today.

Marshmallows.  I like them.  I like how fluffy and light they are!!!  I like how amazing they taste in food.  I like to make an amazing marshmallow frosting.  It tastes like someone put everything good in the world and placed it in my mouth.  I like to toast them over fires.  I like to toast them until they are black as sin.  Then I pull off the burnt part as if it's the marshmallow skin and I devour it.  I then proceed to burn the marshmallow again and continue this until I have no more marshmallow left.  I have to say though, that my all-time favorite thing to eat marshmallows in are shakes.  Iceberg drive-in makes incredible shakes with marshmallow.  I'm pretty sure that if I was on death-row I'd request marshmallow shakes.  Maybe fifty of them...maybe 100.  I'd eat so many of them that I'd die of a marshmallow overload.  They would spend thousands of tax-dollars to get ready to kill me and I'd be over there stuffing my face with marshmallow shakes until I died.

I don't like jello.  Although it might be light and fluffy, it's just not something that my tongue can tolerate.  When a spoonful of jello hits my tongue, it is pushed out faster than Sam-I-Am ran away from the green eggs and ham.  It doesn't matter what flavor the jello decides to be, I just can't get it past that fickle tongue of mine.  I also don't like the texture.  It's like a worm has found itself in my mouth and is wriggling around in an unorthodox manner.  Sorry Utah, I just don't belong in your jello world!

I hope you enjoyed my light and fluffy post.


This was me driving to Texas!


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