Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Soup for you?

I'm on day four of my vegetarian diet.  I'm so excited to announce that I'm not even craving meat anymore.  I haven't even really had to change my diet.  It turns out that pretty much every meal I make can have the meat taken out and still tastes amazing.  I've been trying for the last few years to incorporate more vegetables into my diet, and now it just comes to taking the meat out of the meals.

Tonight, we are having my sister-in-law over for dinner.  She doesn't eat a lot of meat anymore and completely abstains from all red meat.  I decided that I'm going to make a simply vegetable soup.  It is very low fat and full of nutrients.  I didn't pick up anything exotic to put in it because I don't want to experiment with guests coming over.  I am going to be putting carrots, celery, a little broccoli, tomatoes, sweet potato(that's for you Becky), and some squash in it.  I bought some rolls as well.  You can't have soup without rolls.  I was going to make my own but today is a migraine day and I just don't feel like I have the get up and go to make them.

I'm thinking that a lot of the people who read my blog don't know what I mean when I say 1001.  I did write a post about it almost a month ago but I'll say a little about it again.  The first year that Melissa and I were married we bought a book that listed 1001 foods that everyone needs to try before they die.  It lists everything from cheese with live maggots in it to spaghetti squash.  We made it a goal to try everything that we could in the book before we died.  Then, she got pregnant and we couldn't focus on it.  Now, three kids later we have decided to start doing the things in the book again.  When I reference the 1001 it means that something we have eaten is in the book.  It means that we are fulfilling a food that we need to try before we die.


And as promised...the Japanese squash and spring rolls that I made yesterday.

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