Saturday, January 28, 2017

Three poems

Guys and Gals!  I don't know which poem to submit for a class workshop. I wrote and revised three, and all three could be contenders. I leave it to you. Which one do you think I should submit? I wonder if I'll get any responses...

A eulogy to meat

As the chicken fades away
from the butchers last cut
on its carcass that’s just been chopped,
our love has died.
Nevermore to return
to the lustful depths
of youthful intent.

We were honorably discharged,
like a soldier saying farewell
to the flowerlike grass
of a weed-topped hill.
Our affections hollowed out by
those long nights of
blood and acid tripped exposures .

Our romance began in
 bowl of pride-filled
pudding-like glitter.
We glistened through the waves
that hid the lies
of your puffed up
secreted torture.

My love for you, like a band,
has stretched to the limits
of a world of ignorance.
 My eyes have been peeled,
and the revealing fruit
is not plentifully appetizing
like the yellow outside covering.


You’re a fly, I shoo
you away, but you keep
coming back.

My hiding place won’t hide
me well.
I’m a camel with my head
in the sand but ass in the air.

Losing the last
marble of my childhood-losing
my actual child, my gift
from the Gods.

I’ve fallen into a
glitter-filled bowl of pudding.
I’m stuck in the shimmering lights
that blind me from the exit.

My world will change if
your youth is taken
and your candle
is snuffed out.

Blue kazoo

I am five years old
and I have my
first kazoo.
It is a deep
colour of plastic…
Blue is my
favorite colour and
this kazoo is now
my new favorite

My mom and dad
would find no interest
in this pretty little object.
They’d just tell me to throw it away.
That is why I am five
and this blueberry flavored
noise-maker is my life.
It has to be blueberry!
Everything blue taste like

It might look weird,
with its long body
and hollowed out center,
but I promise that it does
not taste like daddy’s cigars.
I tried those once. They didn’t
taste like anything yummy.
This kazoo though,
 tastes just like the colour blue.
A blueberry tasting
An instrument making
a pretty little noise.

But, what is that noise?
Where is it coming from?
Is there a bug trapped inside
of my blueberry kazoo?
A buzzing bee trapped
at the top of my fruity noisemaker?
That has to be what’s
making the noise.
Inside that turny
wheel thing.
How can I get
that buzzer out?
I know!
I open the wheel!
The door to see this…

Wait! There’s no bee in here,
only a piece of thin paper.
But now I can’t put this
door back on.
It won’t close!
It’s not working now.
My blueberry flavored
blue kazoo is now gone.

The kazoo was only a memory,
and I am no longer 5! 


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