Friday, March 19, 2010

It's a plantain thing...

When life throws you punches you just have to roll with them...or something like that. It seems that life has been trying to throw the Sorensen's a lot of them lately. And, with all of them we have come to the conclusion that we need to just take these sour lemons and work out the juice. Lemonade sounds a lot more appetizing than a sour lemon. Melissa and I had decided a few months ago to hold off the moving thing until after she had the baby. We had come to the conclusion that no one in his or her right or left minds would hire her knowing that she was with child. We were going to have the baby in October and wait until I was done with my semester at USU to move. Well, with no more pregnant belly means no more waiting. This last week we have been searching all over the United States (minus Utah), for a place that Melissa would be able to get a job. The biggest contenders for our love right now seem to be Ohio, Florida, New York, and New Mexico. It's a big change from the "ground myself and stay where I am until I graduate" place I was in about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

A plantain can be fried, boiled, smashed, and…well fried some more. In our 1001 one foods book, plantains hit the scene in all of their good green goodness. When I was a missionary I tried bananas in all of their varieties and plantains were no exception. I've had them mashed up into what some might call a shepherds pie. It was the most disgusting and offensive thing to ever touch my palette. When eaten raw they taste almost like a potato that has been injected with 5x the amount of starch it should have in it and leaves your mouth feeling as if you had just swallowed baking chocolate (in powder form). When they are fried they can take on two different flavors. They can become sweet and almost too savory or they become almost like potato chips with a little less flavor. The Latinos like to eat them with mayo-ketchup, which if you're from UT is just fry sauce.


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