Thursday, July 1, 2010


Melissa and I went up to Montana a couple of weeks ago to visit some friends of mine. They are an older couple who uprooted what they had in Puerto Rico and moved to the "big sky state". We hit a lot of stormy weather on the way and had to make a few sudden stops so that my Melissa could throw-up. It was a great trip but towards the end we were both worn out and tired and read to be at home. We hit up Yellowstone and saw a lot of geysers, burnt trees, and buffalo.


We found some lave trails so naturally I had to step in the lava.

Melissa needed to take a break and unload what was in her stomach. I was more than happy to take a picture.

This mangled deer was seen walking through the north entrance of the park. It needed a nice grooming and fast.

It was below freezing when we went. I think I was the only one in the whole park wearing shorts. I couldn't feel my legs at the end of the day.

We saw more buffalo than any other animal. This one was seen early scratching his butt on a tree.

Trees still grow even in the middle of a geyser. This one might appear to be dead but I'm sure it's just sleeping.

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Logan Davis said...

Awww... I've been in your wife's shoes before. Being pregnant and having morning sickness on a road trip is no bueno.