Saturday, January 1, 2011

To sum it up

What a year this has been. It's been full of many blessings and many trials. Everything that our little family has done has helped us in so many ways. I don't think I'd be who I am today without the myriad of situations that life gave me. It seems that around this time of year people tend to look back and focus on all of the difficult things that transpired. I've been reading a lot of things from an array of people who believe that life treated them unfairly. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of the year that has past, why not focus the amazingly wonderful things that transpired? Even if they were miniscule why can't we focus on that? The small things tend to be the ones that we remember the most. So, instead of throwing every negative thing that I can at you I'm going to write for you 12 amazing things that had in 2010.

1- Melissa and I celebrated our first anniversary on July 11th. We didn't do much because Melissa was pregnant and was having a difficult time keeping anything in her stomach. We still had an amazing day and were able to eat a piece of our wedding cake. It didn't taste freezer burnt at all and I'm still alive and kicking so I know it didn't have any diseases in it.
2-Paige Adyson was born on Dec. 13th. She is the "apple of our eye". She brings a smile to our face everyday. She mellows us out and is helping us become better individuals. She is teaching me to love deeper than I have ever loved and teaching me to care so much more.
3- I became a phlebotomist and was able to fulfill one of my lifelong passions. I had always wanted to go do something in the medical field and was given that chance.
4-Late in May, Melissa and I went up to MT to visit one of my very good friends. We went to Yellowstone with her and her husband (who also is one of my really good friends) and nearly got snowed out. We had a blast.
5- I read the 7 Harry Potter books, another novel Series, and a few other books. I feel very accomplished by this because I know that if I can instill a love for reading in myself than Paige will grasp a love for it as well.
6- I realized that my love for Melissa grows stronger every single day. We are becoming more and more "one" every moment we are together.
7. We were able to save enough money for me to go another semester at USU. It was an amazing blessing!
8. Melissa was able to find insurance to pay for the medical bills that seemed to pile up during the pregnancy.
9. I was able to see parts of UT that I have never seen before. I spent a couple of nights in a cabin with my inlaws and was able to get to know them a little bit better.
10. I made my first crab out of bread dough for halloween.
11. Melissa and I were able to continue our traditions. Well, most of them were able to transpire this year. It was a lot of fun to do the same things this year as we did last year.
12. I realized that no matter what happened this year I was blessed. I am blessed. I will be blessed no matter what happens to me.


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