Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A resolution..you know!

Today we resolve to do better. We look within ourselves and see what it is about who we are and what we do that deems improvement. We take a look at the past and find those little cracks that need mending, holes that need patched, and lives that need hugs. Hugs make everything better. Do you need a hug? Everything I just said is bull crap. I mean, it is a new year and it is time to make some changes. But, why change who you are? If anything shouldn't you want to be who you are no matter what anyone else says or thinks? My hands are dry, my throat is raspy, but I'm not going to put lotion on nor a throat drop in my mouth because I don't like either of those. Also, I'm at work and the lotion at the BW is terrible!!!

Resolutions have never come easy to me. I've either set my sights to high and have been hunted and killed, or set them to low and had completed them before the end of month. This year, the resolutions I have made will hopefully last a little longer. They aren't to extraordinary as I don't wish to be mutilated by some back water hick(actually that sounds rather pleasurable). I have 5 "resolves", as I will call them, that I'd like to share with you. 5 things that will keep me busy for the year and only this year. I mean, who the hell wants to continue with the resolutions after the year is over? Aren't your resolutions only meant for the year in which you make them...?

My resolves

I, Jeremy Sorensen, swear to resolve and only to resolve everything on the following list for the year 2011. If these resolutions are not kept I, Jeremy Sorensen, forfeit all rights, privileges, etc. coinciding to these resolutions.

Resolve #1- Eat more healthy. It could be the more prominent man cleavage growing under my double chin, or the fact that as I write this I'm chomping on some skittles(OMGosh, these skittles are so f-ing good), but I feel as though I need to make better choices.

Resolve #2- Have more patience. I don't know about you but it seems that the more tired I am the harder time I have with ignorance. Also, patience is a virtue, remember that children!

Resolve #3- Speak my mind. I've always said, if by always I mean the last two weeks, that I have my mothers flaming temper, but my fathers way of expressing it. Which is to say, that I'm so passive aggressive that even if I'm pissed off I won't ever let you know.

Resolve #4- Enjoy my life/be happy. Instead of spending my free time making sure every paper has a home, every dish is in it's place, all of the canned beans are organized, all of the counters are free from crumbs, all of the towels are folded correctly, my underwear is folded correctly, the dishwasher has only been run every other day, the laundry is only washed on Saturdays, I'm going to relax and enjoy my youth.

Resolve #5- Be myself. You look around and you see a whole bunch of people trying to be someone else. I don't find anything wrong with who I am. I think I'm a pretty fetching guy. Who cares if I have to vacuum every day in order to keep from going crazy. No one minds that I sing GLEE songs in the shower, car, grocery store, and at work. I am who I am!



Logan Worden said...

Oof! I know how you feel! Patients is a big deal, especially when you have little ones! And for a long time I was the same way about the laundry and perfectly having everything in it's place but recently I've been lacking on this stuff and concentrating more on my son and I've been a lot happier! Not being so OCD about life makes things easier although the clean clothes that I haven't put away in almost 3 weeks is starting to get to me :). Good luck friend, I have nothing but faith that you will fulfill all of your goals this year!

Shan said...

I love this haha! I'm like you enjoyed those Skittles. They are f- ing good!