Tuesday, February 22, 2011

life as we know it

We've all made choices that have led us down paths that we didn't intend to go down. We've found ourselves in places and situations from which we've wanted to escape. We've all suffered the consequence of a bad action. How brilliant are we when we can look back at those times in our lives and smile. We've grown, we've learned, and we can take those situations and help others. Why should we ever regret what we do in our lives?

Life is full of choices. It's about waking up and making decisions that will mold your day into what it will become. Life is amazing. We, as humans, take life for granted. We give up on our hopes, we hang our dreams on top of shelves, and we let life pass us by. We can't see the beauty around us because we're so stuck in trying to figure out the configurations on our TV screens. We don't understand why life can be so cruel at times because we can't ever see the positive side that it has so often offered to us. We're afraid to jump into deep water because it's not what is expected.

What do you want to accomplish while you are alive? Do you want to look back at everything you've done and have to say that you've comformed to the norms of society? The risky moves are the most memorable. The spontaneous things that we accomplish are going to be the things that we best remember. You don't have to jump out of an airplane or climb any mountains, but why should you have to adapt your goals in life for everyone else. There isn't a set of rules to govern what you can and cannot do in this world. Our forefathers fought for the right of every person to be an individual and to make their own choices. Why would you ever want to give that up?

I'm done dragging my feet. I'm tired of looking down when I should be looking all around me. There is a whole world to explore and if no one else will explore it then I will. I'm not going to conform my views, my opinions, my thoughts, and especially my goals for others. I feel pity for all of those who feel that they can't be themselves. I'm saddened by the fact that there are people who can't let things go and just live! I'm going to live. I'm breathing in a breath of new life and I'm stepping into the darkness. If you care to join me then it'll be a party. I'll bring the drinks.