Sunday, October 30, 2011

Deconstruction of a pumpkin muffin

Intro- The first paragraph was written to help me with a paper I have to write for my classes.

Once upon a time(ooo a story, I like stories!!!) I had the ambition of turning this blog into another one of those food ones.  It was going to be marvelous.  It was going to be spectacular.  Then I watched Julie and Julia and decided that I didn’t want to be like every other person who had just watched that show and had “inspiration” and decided to start their own food blog.  If you noticed though, I talk about food a lot.  Food is life for me.  Food is technically life for you as well.  It sustains us.  It gives us the strength that we need to go throughout our day.  Yes, there is an importance to eating right and taking care of our bodies.  It’s true that we are what we eat (Today I’m a ham sandwich with honey mustard, what are you?).  It’s important to give our bodies the nutrients that they need but we shouldn’t give up good taste in the process.  We should never limit ourselves to simply eating a carrot or celery.  If we do that then we’ll never know what’s truly out there for us to enjoy.  Eating healthy is important but that shouldn’t limit our choices.  We should always take time to enjoy what the world has provided us.  What the culinary world has provided for our enjoyment. 

I took three recipes the other day and deconstructed them.  I then took what I liked in the three recipes and created this--->

It’s a pumpkin muffin with a cinnamon crème cheese filling.  It has also been topped with a cinnamon crumble.  When they were baking they produced a smell that made me feel like I was inside of a cinnamon toast crunch box.  They tasted amazing but didn’t quite have as much of a pumpkin taste as I would have liked.  Also, I would have liked them to have a little more filling.  The crumble though, was absolutely the bee’s knees.  It tasted so incredibly delicious.  If it were possible I would have taken it, put it in a bowl, and eaten by itself.  I’m salivating just thinking about it.

I'm also thinking that next time I make them, which might be today, that I won't put the cinnamon in the frosting.  It kind of makes it look funny.  But, they turned out great and the smell, like I said, was amazing.



Cindy Caudle said...

They look delicious. If you get a chance, send me the recipe. I love anything pumpkin.

Jackie Rogers said...

Yay! I've been waiting to see if you found a good recipe. I think it is incredible that you could make your own by using three different recipes. I realized this weekend that I hate hate hate making cookies, cakes, and stuff like that. I am glad you enjoy it!