Monday, October 24, 2011

A pumpkin is a pumpkin

Look at these funny squashes

I want to make pumpkin cupcakes.  I want to make a light, fluffy, melt in your mouth pumpkin cupcake.  Every time I type in pumpkin cupcake into a search engine it always spits back pumpkin muffins.  I have an amazing recipe for muffins.  BTW...I hate the word muffin.  I don't want muffins.  If I wanted pumpkin muffins I'd make them.  I've been thinking for the past few days how I could turn this muffin recipe I already have into a cupcake one.  With a limited budget on my hands I don't want a lot of failures because I don't have a lot of resources.  Also, just so you know, if you're going to be baking anything with pumpkin this holiday season, I wouldn't skimp and buy the cheap canned pumpkin.  Unless you're actually going to bake your own little pumpkin in the oven, which is definitely recommended, the cheap stuff isn't actually pumpkin.  It's another type of squash, such as butternut, which they can produce and can for cheaper.  YAY for knowledge!!  If you don't believe me open up a can of...oh let's say Libby's and a cheaper brand.  You will be able to see a difference and taste a difference.  Now that I don't remember why I got off on this tangent I'll stop.  Oh the canned pumpkin nightmares!

I know I've said this on an earlier post but I'm starting to like the holidays.  I'm becoming more festive as the years progress.  It's fun to watch as Paige ooo's and awe's at the ghost's we have hanging from our ceiling.  It's fun to see her go up and hit the giant witch we have propped up in the corner of the room because she'll fold in half if not propped up.  I think she broke her back on her broom because A) she lost the broom and B) she can't stand without support.  That doesn't keep the smile from her face though, and it doesn't stop Paige from trying to grab at her.  We're already trying to decide where to put the Christmas tree and what we are going to do in order to make our apartment more festive than last year.  Melissa loves to decorate and I'm not going to stop her. 

I was going to type something profound one here tonight.  You know, something that could take away away from this and think about.  But, I'm just not in the mood.  I have math homework to do.  I have work that needs to be done.  I guess my take away message is that if someone wishes you a goodnight don't just say okay.  Please, be courteous enough to wish them one as well.



Jackie Rogers said...

Jeremy! I love your blog! It has been fun to read how things are going. :)

Logan said...

Although I'm not a fan of pumpkin anything, I think making pumpkin cupcakes would be really fun :). It's great that you guys are really getting into the holiday spirit. It may not seem like much now but your little one will really appreciate the memories when she's older :).