Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Moments

Recently Paige has started to sing to songs on the radio.  It is so cute.  She loves Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Fun.  During the day if there is nothing really going on she'll start to sing to herself.  Often the song will be "Call Me Maybe."  I don't know how she knows more of the song than I do, but she does, and it makes me smile.  She also loves to sing her Alphabet.  Every day it becomes clearer and better. She is so intelligent--sometimes I wonder how I'm ever going to keep up with her.

Parker is always so happy.  The only times he is not smiling, laughing, or babbling are when he is tired, hungry, or teething.  He is so proud of himself whenever he starts to roll around.  One these days, I know I'll find him down the hall laughing and talking to himself.   He is getting so big.  I wonder where all the time has gone.  I feel him growing up. I wish I could put on the breaks to enjoy him as baby a little longer.

Jeremy and Melissa
As for Jeremy and I, we are both awaiting responses for school to let us know we have been admitted.  I can't wait to get this semester over with, and finally be done with my undergrad work. Jeremy and I are both so excited for what our futures hold.

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