Monday, June 22, 2015

short and sweet

I'm sitting at the computer and decided to add another post to this here blog.

Lately, life has put me on a roller coaster.  I've had a lot of ups and downs.  Melissa and I were so excited to announce that we found a house to buy but it didn't work out.  We had some complications with our financing and ended up not being able to purchase it.  This decision was really a let down because the house was our dream home.  If you want the details just ask, I don't want to hurt anyone by talking publicly about it.  Needless to say, it opened our eyes to the fact that we don't want to live in Utah for the rest of our lives.  We now live in a two bedroom apartment in Harrisville.  We are hoping to leave Utah next year and not come back.   

Work has really put me through the grind.  I work a lot of hours and don't have time to do much else.  It's okay though, I don't mind my job.  It's been a while since I've been able to say that.  I finally feel fulfilled in what I'm doing.  I love cooking delicious food for people.  I love being a cook/chef.  It's the atmosphere that I've always wanted to be in.  Through my job though, I've realized my potential to do something better with my life.  I want to open my own bakery one day but in order to do that I need to find that rich relative that I don't think exists, or I need to gain some sort of education so that I can up my earnings.  I bring home enough to allow my family to live semi-comfortably but I want to to be able to make enough that we don't have to worry at all anymore.


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